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On the way to Woodstock

Immerse yourself in musical history with On the way to Woodstock for iPad. With over 100 hours of music, photos, videos and narrative, this interactive timeline goes back in time to the phenomenon of the Woodstock Art and Music fair.

Experience life in the 50’s and 60’s and the culture and social changes that led to a new generation of music. Explore profiles of artists from Buddy Holly to Jimmy Hendrix with music, videos and iconic songs and albums. Have access to over 100 rare photos from one of the sole photographers, Barry Levine, who managed to have colour film at the festival.

With over 45 hours of video content, relive Woodstock  and use the ScreenSaver option to turn your iPad into an all-Woodstock coffee table book.

Devices: iPad (requires iOS 4.2 or later)

Audio or Video: Audio and Video

Price $4.99

On the way to Woodstock - 955 Dreams

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