Fuego’s River Adventure

Welcome to the very first hands-free, motion controlled game for the iPad! After graduating high-school, Fuego decides to celebrate with an exotic vacation. When things go terribly wrong and his plane malfunctions, Fuego decides to take control and jumps out of the plane only to land on an exotic jungle island, alone. It is your job to help Fuego down the river to find food and gold and take him through his wild adventure on the island. And yes, there is a twist: you are Fuego! LokkoMotion technology detects your movements through the front camera on your iPad so that Fuego moves when you move. Take it one step further and use your Apple TV to bring your adventure to the big screen.  Run, jump and move side to side to keep Fuego alive and guide him on his journey and help him get home.

Devices: iPad 2 (requires iOS 4.0 or later)

Audio or Video: Audio and Video

Price: $0.99


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